Science, Some Of Its Characteristics

When we think about the meaning of the word science , a lot of things come to mind. And it is perhaps because defining it is quite complicated. In this article we will try to clarify the subject a bit, at least mention some of its characteristics.


Establishing a single definition for the word science is complicated. Despite this, in a very general way it can be said that science is a set of knowledge that seeks to discover and explain the world around us . Besides that, we must bear in mind that science is a human activity and that it has its own characteristics.

When you watch television or read an article in newspapers or magazines, you may have observed the number of times the word “science” appears. A very common phrase is ” scientifically proven product “, it seems that this characteristic gives the product a certain important air, revealing an indisputable and irrefutable authority.

With regard to the natural sciences , many examples can be cited. Galen believed that the blood in the body did not carry out a movement in two circuits as we know today, but rather that it was a movement of the blood within the venous system. According to the hypothesis presented by him, the arteries did not contain blood, but air. In addition, blood was generated in the liver from food. Today we know that blood circulation is not in this way, but for this many years of discoveries had to pass. Therefore, we conclude that as knowledge is enriched, the answers improve and some ideas are discarded.

To summarize:

The science is provisional and perceptible , or what is considered today as valid may be that in the future not. And thus, the intervention in the world is more and more effective and more profound.

Reliable , since although at certain times the way of observing and explaining nature is in one way and then it can change, it does not mean that we cannot trust it.

For this reason it is very important to bear in mind that science is dynamic and susceptible to being modified.